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Top Gun Attire: The IWC G-1 Flight Jacket

For most people, the image of a naval pilot includes highly tuned navigational watches and the truly iconic aviator jackets. Both have long been essential pieces of equipment and until recently were only available to a select few. But in recent months, we brought you the news that IWC released the Top Gun collection of Pilot’s watches, an exciting launch that heralded back to the famous U.S. Naval base Miramar.

Now you can pair a Top Gun watch with your very own IWC G1 Flight Jacket, announced in a partnership between the watchmaker and Cockpit, the official supplier to the United States Air Force. The Top Gun timepiece has been heralded for its craftmanship, technological prowess, and authenticity to those worn by naval pilots. In the same vein, the Flight Jacket is patterned from the original G-1 model that was first used by pilots in the 1930’s (although not called the G-1 until after World War II) and is exclusively made in the United States. When first produced the G-1 model was crafted from sealskin and horsehide leather, with a simple cotton lining. However as production needs cowhide leather was used.

The IWC G-1 Flight Jacket

This jacket is made of 100% genuine calfskin leather, and both it and the mouton collar were specifically customised for IWC. Design features include the “USN” perforation on the front storm shield, as well as a cut and fit based on the original G-1. Much like the Top Gun family of watches paid homage to the birthplace of the U.S. Navy’s Top Gun program, the jacket lining’s “Naval Airs Station Miramar” patch gives a similar tribute.

Scheduled to be sold in IWC Flagship boutiques starting in April 2012, the G-1 Flight Jacket is the perfect complement to the Top Gun watch and a truly authentic acquisition for United States Naval aficionados. And for those who must have a travel bag to suit ultimate piloting needs, we have that for you, too.

Excitement is Building: SIHH 2012

There is an event each year that watch enthusiasts wait for (patiently, or perhaps not so); when they know the most distinguished and exclusive watch brands will release new models, new technologies, and new horological thrills. This much anticipated event is the SIHH (Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie), held in Geneva.

IWC’s SIHH Booth 2011

It is a true spectacle that in its 22nd year hosts the makers of luxury timepieces, and their customers and ardent fans, with a dual focus of highlighting advancements alongside deeply respecting the heritage and tradition of the craft.

Organized by the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie, SIHH 2012 will showcase 18 exhibitors across 30,000 square meters of space (over 322,000 square feet). The five day show will host upwards of 12,500 guests: these include retailers, journalists, and distinguished invitees. But according to SIHH organizers, it is also “where watchmakers and designers, the representatives of an entire creative team, share their passion for watchmaking one-to-one.” Beyond learning about the incredible new timepieces available in the year to come, SIHH is also a place of learning and instruction, of inspiration and vision.

To digress for a moment on some of those “distinguished invitees” – they include globally known actors such as Jean Reno and Matthew Fox, and international sports stars such as French footballer Zinedine Zidane. The SIHH is simply the “Cannes of watches”.

A glimpse of last year’s red carpet arrivals

As you saw here last week, IWC has announced their theme for 2012, and with it the first watch in this year’s collection, the IWC Top Gun Miramar. It is the year of the High Flyers after all, and SIHH will be the place to kick that into high gear in every possible way!

A look at what is to come….

While we can’t share much more than that until the show starts, we can assure you that we’ll be back with updates, photos, stories, and more… enough to make you wish you were there, but still feel as if you were.

Until then, all of our best from Schaffhausen- see you next week.

Bloggers Have Spoken: The IWC Top Gun Miramar

You may have noticed over the past week that there has been serious anticipation building amongst watch fans and aficionados for SIHH 2012: the international watch show held yearly in Geneva. This anticipation was stoked in part with IWC’s release of the IWC Pilot`s Watch Top Gun Miramar. In fact, we have been delighted to find the blogosphere abuzz.

We at IWC are dubbing 2012 the Year of the High Flyers- and the world seems to agree. In this vein, we wanted to share what some of our favorite bloggers picked up, to get you even more excited about what is to come.

The IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph TOP GUN Miramar

Perpetuelle noted that the Miramar is a direct reference to the storied Southern California home of the U.S. naval air program TOPGUN- the base that makes the most elite men into the most elite pilots, and relayed on our behalf that it will include five new releases this year.

Watch site A Blog To Read picked up on this further, revealing that IWC will be thematically focusing on pilot watches in 2012, including the usage of an “in-house made movement… the caliber 89365 automatic”. This movement, as referenced by watch enthusiasts Hodinkee, is a flyback chronograph with a 168 hour power reserve. Ariel Adams, author of A Blog To Read, also discussed the look of the Miramar at great length- and while he was undecided about the green strap, he did validate a core IWC pillar with Pilot watches, in saying: “Big sport watches are still king when it comes to what men seem to want.”

Noted by Hypebeast to include a ceramic, virtually scratch proof case, there will also be clear military design details that relate to the precision and function required by pilots of their timepieces. Hypebeast said of the Miramar: ”In staying true to its name, the overall aesthetic welcomes unmistakable military inspiration.”  This was echoed by IWC Creative Director Christian Knoop, who remarked on the process of retracing the brand’s historic roots (since the 1940’s) of a pilot’s reliance upon his IWC watch for navigation.

The Top Gun, as well as its companions in the Pilot watch family, encompasses the technical advancements for which IWC is known, and will surely intrigue current and new horological fans (and bloggers) worldwide. In the countdown to SIHH, we hope you will continue to enjoy our soar further up into this world.

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