Holiday season window decoration: IWC Flagship Boutique New York

December is upon us, and with it wintry conditions and the start of the holiday season. It is also the inaugural winter for our IWC Flagship Boutique in New York City (which opened last April) and we’ve gotten into the spirit by outfitting the store windows to reflect the city’s festive mood.

The vitrines are all snow-capped, and evoke the masculine pursuits of our IWC Schaffhausen fans. In one you will find a vintage toy car complemented with members of our Portuguese and Portofino watch families. The collection of and appreciation for vintage autos is a pastime for many of our customers.

In an adjacent window flies a miniature airplane shown with timepieces from the Pilot Watch collection – aviation, another fondness for the IWC man. Toy airplanes also decorate the holiday tree inside the boutique, a classic nod to a series of timepieces we proudly re-launched this year. Step through the doors of the NYC boutique and you will find a calm and well-appointed environment, the place to find the perfect gift for any man in your life.

Beyond the aforementioned Pilot Watches (for the high fliers on your list), there are an abundance of handcrafted timepieces to choose from. For those who seek timeless design elements matched with present day innovation and technologies, the IWC Vintage Collection has six exquisite styles available.

Or if the gentleman you shop for is fond of underwater exploration and adventure, the Aquatimer series offers a rugged elegance, and deep water precision.

To help accommodate your busy holiday schedules, our NYC boutique will have extended hours in December, with our staff ready and able to assist. We will be open Monday-Wednesday: 10am-6pm and Thursday-Saturday: 10am-7pm. Additionally we will open Sundays (12/9, 12/16, 12/23) from 12pm-5pm.

If you are unable to make it into an IWC authorized retailer, or have any questions about our collection, you can also use our Concierge Service, available to you via telephone (1-800-432-9330) or e-mail (

Whether you stop by to enjoy our holiday decoration on Madison Avenue, or find the ideal IWC gift at another location, we’d like to wish you and yours a happy start to the holiday season. 

IWC NYC Flagship: A Blog Review & Roundup

The IWC Flagship Boutique in New York City has now been open for two weeks, and so far it has been an exciting run. We took you behind the scenes of the grand opening, but thought you might like to see our newest store through some other eyes. Here we’ve brought you recaps from a few of our favorite blogs & media, bringing their perspective on our Madison Avenue location.

Exterior boutique shot (source: A Continuous Lean)

Swipelife starts off with a bold declaration: “New Yorkers no longer have an excuse not to tell time in style…”. They go on to describes how the store offers opportunities to keep time and to forget about it with “a space for browsing what could be (and probably should be) passed as fine art.” Definitely not something you find in most retailers!

IWC friend Ben Clymer (and IWC NYC Globetrotter) at Hodinkee expands on this idea, that there are “types of boutiques that are cramped and cluttered with nothing but rows of watches and uninspired ‘brand extension’ accessories…The new IWC boutique in NYC is anything but this.” His coverage also describes how entering the NYC store is like “you’ve entered someone’s home (someone’s really nice, nautical-theme home).” Clymer comments on the accessories that accompany each of the themed areas of the store, including chess sets (for the Da Vinci collection), flight jackets (a natural nod to the Top Gun series), and as NY Mag noted “a remote-controlled airplane” which they describe as “fancy dude toys”. 

Some of the accessories accompanying the Da Vinci Collection (source: Hodinkee)

Another incredible item on offer — a carbon fiber road bike (source: A Continuous Lean)

What these descriptions help to convey is the idea that this flagship boutique is just like entering a home — our home, and that we want to ensure you find items to complement every part of your global lifestyle: bicycles, books, luggage, and more. And in addition to finding exquisite and unique items for purchase, the boutique also offers that “Anyone needing service on their watch can easily drop by the new shop to be tuned, inspected or repaired, a convenience not overlooked.” 

The store entrance & first collection area (source: Hodinkee)

That observation, from Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean (also featured as an IWC NYC Globetrotter), is an important distinction in the level of service offered to IWC customers. Williams goes on to note that the store is “a welcome addition for IWC owners, non-owners and obsessives alike.” We open the doors any and all of these distinctions and offer them the Swiss hospitality and service one has come to expect from IWC Schafhaussen.

Stay tuned for more stories and insights from the New York store, and follow us in the near future as we travel to new global destinations that will soon host an IWC boutique of their own!

My NYC: What Makes the City Special

The blaring of horns. Walks through Central Park. Catching a Broadway show. This is some of what comes to mind when one thinks of New York City. A place of motion, energy, and opportunity.

The bustle of 5th Avenue

As IWC excitingly opens its first Flagship Boutique in Manhattan, we wanted to find out what was new and exciting in the city, and what better way to do that then ask New Yorkers themselves.

The new IWC flagship boutique in NYC

So we tapped a few key influencers in the city, to have them tell us what they love about where they live, what their favorite ‘secret’ escapes are, and what makes NYC come alive for them.

Before sharing a few of those videos and what our influencers had to say, I wanted to share what makes NYC special for me. You see, I share IWC news with you each week but am also a New Yorker (which makes me even more excited about the new IWC location!). Here are three things that are “My New York”:

1. Members Dining Room at the Met: It’s so great to eat an amazing meal inside such a venerable institution, and overlook Central Park. After the meal, you stroll through the empty museum on the way out. It feels like it’s all yours & is definitely a special experience.

2. Bar Centrale: Tucked away in the middle of the theatre district, this is a secret oasis frequented by the cast & crew, critics, and major fans of Broadway shows. Go here for a perfectly made Manhattan and hear the chatter about recent show openings.

3. The ability to be anyone you want to be in NYC: if you can imagine it, you can achieve it. You never know who you’ll meet or be introduced to.

Now, for a sample of what other citizens of the island had to say, check out these videos from Neil Blumenthal, Jeff Staple, and Josh Spear. Hopefully their point of view will inspire you to visit NYC, and of course to see the brand new IWC boutique while you’re here!


Neil Blumenthal: co-founder at Warby Parker

Jeff Staple: designer, creative agency, and retailer

Josh Spear: writer, editor, brand strategist, and more!

Stay tuned for more influencer videos and a lot of great news on the opening of the latest IWC flagship store.

Behind The Scenes: The IWC NYC Flagship Boutique Opens

Last night was quite a night. Here, we are pleased to bring you an exclusive behind the scenes update from last night’s grand opening of the IWC Flagship Boutique on Madison Avenue, in New York City.

A festive evening with many fans of the brand in attendance, including Matthew Fox, Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello, Evander Holyfield, Chris Hemsworth, Adriana Lima, Karolina Kurkova, Pedro Andrade - IWc’s opening was the toast of the Big Apple.

Actors Chris Hemsworth, Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello

As IWC was founded by an American, Florentine Ariosto Jones, the event marks a return to the United States with this beautiful flagship.

The store is segmented by collection, with each area decorated thematically. A favorite of guests was the Top Gun series (inspired by the U.S. Navy Flight School) — with lockers, flight suits, and a flight simulator. It was also possible to purchase watches during the evening, with some attendees- among them esteemed IWC Collectors and friends - sitting down to review novelties.

A special highlight was the tribute to legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, recognized as the greatest athlelet of all time, through the special edition Big Pilot’s Watch Edition Muhammad Ali, produced in honor of his 70th birthday this year. In Ali’s honor, many of Ali’s friends and peers such as his Biographer- Thomas Hauser, his daughter- Miya Ali, and legendary boxers: Larry Holmes and Evander Holyfield were in attendance.  The entire event surrounded this tribute, at its zenith with a showcase of photographs taken of Ali by his longtime best friend and photographer Howard Bingham.

We had the chance to speak with Mr. Bingham about these photos and his relationship with Ali. In our conversation, he described how he first met Ali at a press conference in 1962, and later in the day bumped into him once more, offering him a ride. They struck a friendship, and the next year Ali invited Bingham to travel with him for two weeks, a trip which ended up lasting two months. 

The photos on display at the IWC store exhibit great moments in his life, casting light on the depth of the champion: in one image, Ali is photographed visiting impoverished Zaire. In another, 5 champs are immortalized again as great comrades— Frazier, Ali, Norton, Foreman, and Holmes (more on him in a minute). This group photo is Bingham’s favorite. With the exhibition on display at IWC Schaffhausen on 535 Madison Avenue through late May 2012, those of you in or visiting New York will have ample opportunity to see these first-hand. 

When asked for his shooting methods, Ali he responded two-fold: “I know what I like, as long as it’s focus.”, followed with a description of how he would let Ali walk ahead and capture the reactions of the people around him. In Bingham’s words: “Everyone loved him.”.

The aforementioned Larry Holmes was also at the event, and he discussed having a “unique relationship” with Ali. They were sparring partners for four years, and after Holmes went on to win the heavyweight championship the two kept in touch. Holmes, the only heavyweight to stop Ali (during their challenge match in 1980) offered that they remained friends “because of our personalities. We separated work and friendship.” Holmes then pulled out his phone and showed us photos of the bout between himself and Ali — never at dull moment.

Howard Bingham, Larry Holmes and Chris Hemswort

It was great to see the brotherhood and connection that had been forged between these men and Muhammad Ali, bonds that have lasted over 40 years. At IWC we are committed to delivering a quality and lasting relationship with you, as you join our brotherhood of the fine precision and craftmanship of a timepiece.

We look forward to sharing more stories and photos from the store opening, and to welcoming you at IWC on 535 Madison Avenue.