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A Cutting Edge Modern Classic - A Look At The Ingenieur Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month


While perpetual calendars tend to be very traditional, conservative watches, IWC Schaffhausen has always believed in pushing the complication forward both technically and stylistically. This year with the launch of the new Ingenieur family, we bring you the Ingenieur Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month, a new take on what a perpetual calendar can be.

Performance Engineering


You may remember the digital date-month display from last year’s Spitfire Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month, but with this Ingenieur we’ve decided to open things up and give you a look inside the amazing calendar mechanism. The subdials below the digital display discs are smoky semi-transparent sapphire that lets you watch the disks rotate as they change at midnight - it also allows the luminous numbers to charge-up before they’re needed.

Digital Date Display


The dual-disc system for each display uses overlapping discs with a cutout to allow two digits to be displayed side-by-side. The result is a clean, easy-to-read system that hides its underlying complexity. Each time the date changes, a little energy is stored by the quick-action switch, so at the end of each month there is just the right amount to change is month. And, as you might expect at this point, a little energy is stored each time the month changes, so on December 31st all three displays (date, month, and leap year) can change simultaneously.


To top this all off, there is the 12-hour chronograph, with the minutes and hours displayed on one register at 12 o’clock and a flyback mechanism. With this system, you read the elapsed time just like you typically read the time on a watch, making the chronograph a little more intuitive and easy to read on the fly.

While the interior of this Ingenieur is impressive, the exterior is equally exciting. The robust Ingenieur case is rendered in titanium aluminide and the pushers, crown, crown guards, and bezel screws are zirconium oxide, both alloys typically found in Formula One cars. All of this is held to the wrist with a black rubber strap with stitched leather inlays. The result is an extremely wearable, modern take on the classic perpetual calendar chronograph. The Ingenieur Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month is quintessential IWC.

Hodinkee for IWC Schaffhausen

IWC Spotlight: Cate Blanchett’s Next Act

One could argue there is little Cate Blanchett cannot do. The Australian actress has certainly proven her prowess across film genres: deftly playing Britain’s Queen Elizabeth I (for which she won a Golden Globe); diving wholly into character as Katherine Hepburn in “Aviator” (an Academy Award winning role).

Known also for her sharp sense of style, we enjoyed time with Ms. Blanchett a few months ago on the red carpet at the IWC Top Gun event at SIHH, where she arrived looking as elegant and powerful as ever.

Cate Blanchett at the IWC Top Gun event, SIHH 2012

Adding to her already impressive list of theatrical accomplishments, Blanchett and her husband (Andrew Upton) are currently in the middle of a two year term as co-artistic directors of the Sydney Theatre Company. During their tenure they have strengthened the visibility of the company and as chairman David Gonski notes, taken STC to “new artistic heights”. It is a homecoming of sorts for Blanchett, whose career began in the theatre’s 1992 production of “Top Girls”.

STC Co-Artistic Directors Cate Blanchett and Andrew Upton

Her stage career continues – beyond her role as artistic director, Blanchett recently starred in the theatre’s rendition of Gross und Klein (Big and Small). From Botho Strauss’ original that was first staged in 1978, Sydney’s version ran from November – December 2011, and is now embarking on a European tour.

Cate Blanchett in Gross und Klein, now touring Europe

If you’re as big of a fan of Cate Blanchett as we are, you can see her perform when the show plays at London’s Barbican Theatre from April 13-29. Ticket information can be found here.


Photo credits: Zimbio, Sydney Theatre Company

SIHH 2012: A Blogger Recap

It was a fair to remember. SIHH (Salon International d’Haute Horlogerie) 2012 saw IWC’s full release of the brand new Pilot’s Collection, a show booth built like an aircraft carrier, celebrities and global watch aficiandos. For those of you who couldn’t be there, we wanted to share a few of the kind words bloggers, journalists, and editors from around the world had to say about IWC’s presence at this historic show.

Even before SIHH, Gear Patrol commended the new Top Gun Miramar as a highlight of our aviation theme for the year. Picking up on this early, Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean kicked off his coverage of SIHH by sharing that the first “serious” watch he ever bought was an IWC Portuguese Automatic, and he went on to divulge that the Top Gun Miramar has been added to his list of desired timepieces. Mr Porter chimed in on their Journal about the Miramar, calling in their “pick of the bunch” amongst our new releases.

The Top Gun also received accolades from Classic Driver, which named it one of the best at SIHH. Esquire Magazine reported their excitement on the fighter jet and military drumline IWC used to launch the High Flyers theme, and they found the Top Gun Chronograph to be their favored timepiece of the show. Other watches were commended. For example, to our delight, Monochrome captured the Marc XVII, Hypebeast touted the whole pilot’s range overall, and Ariel Adams’ A Blog To Read and captured all major novelties in a spectacular post.

Another new release at SIHH was the Pilot’s Watch Worldtime, which Por Homme noted offers a display of 24 time zones simultaneously and a 42 hour power reserve. Impressive credentials from another member of the Pilot’s collection! Sharing SIHH updates with watch enthusiasts across the globe, Philippine Watch Club captured some great photos of the IWC Big Pilot and Pilot’s Chronograph.

Big Pilot and Pilot Chronograph courtesy Philippine Watch Club

Ben Clymer of renowned watch site Hodinkee was also in attendance and described the show’s ability to “distort your horological reality”. This was said as he held two IWC Portuguese Siderale’s in his hand; watches of such exquisite craftmanship, that the photo must have induced jealousy in many of his readers.

Ben Clymer holding two IWC Portuguese Siderale’s

As mentioned above, the watches weren’t the only highlight of the show. The setting they were displayed in got some top billing as well. Breitling Source Blog's description of it as an “incredible looking display” was backed up with images and video of the booth's construction (no easy feat). Creating a miniature aircraft carrier in Geneva was only the first part — an air control tower and a military drumline (as tweeted by Eugene Tong of Details Magazine) were also on hand to round out the Top Gun setting. The settings were appreciated by blogger Fashion Estasi in Italy, and our star-studded Top Gun gala event blogged about in popular European blog Sandra’s Closet.

The making of the IWC booth at SIHH 2012

We were thrilled to launch this exciting new collection in IWC’s storied stable of timepieces, and even more excited to play host to so many brand fans from far and wide. But even though SIHH 2012 has closed, there are many more exciting events coming… be sure to stay tuned here.

Best wishes from Schaffhausen.

Coming To Geneva for SIHH 2012? Here Are Some Tips

In honor of SIHH 2012, we are packing up the office here in Eastern Switzerland, and migrating south and west, to Geneva, for the week. If you, like us here at IWC, are planning to travel to Geneva soon (for SIHH, or any other reason), we thought you would like to know where to go, and what to see.


Spectacular Geneva (Image: hostellingperu.com.pe)

What to see:
Geneva is a very beautiful city, with a gorgeous lake around which you can have a lovely jog. Since the city center is almost adjacent to the lake, it is impossible to miss.  
The old quarter of the city is well worth a visit, with elegant buildings, narrow streets, impressive wooden doors and windows. The Old Town includes some interesting landmarks, which are situated within walking distance from each other. Don’t miss:

  •  St Pierre’s CathedralVisiting this magnificent cathedral is free of charge, unless you would like to go up the tower, accessing wonderful panoramic views of the city and the surrounding mountains.
  •  Place du Bourg-de-Four: Located in the center the Old Town, the Place du Bourg-de-Four is a favorite meeting point – including a pretty 18th century flowered fountain, and an enchanting bistro - for Geneva inhabitants. Sit down, and enjoy one of its cafes.

Where to have a drink:
In the heart of town, a mainstay is the bar at the Four Seasons Hotel, which is as grand and festive as its champagne offering. To see and be seen, we suggest the perfect rendez-vous spot: the restaurant at Hotel La Reserve. Their lounge area is always populated with some of the best-dressed and adorned people in the world. And they even serve pretty decent Sushi.

Where to eat:
We love the rolled pizza and buzzing ambience at Quirinale, and afterwards, can suggest having some drinks at the nearby Vino Olio Café

For those seeking something special Cafe Papon in Geneva’s Old Town should hit the spot. It includes one of the city’s prettiest terraces, and offers a delightful menu and warm and inviting atmosphere.

And for those with a continental flair, we recommend Brasserie Lipp - which is always a great staple.  If you are in town this week, and visiting SIHH, please stop by the IWC booth- it promises to dazzle.

Enjoy your visit, and check back in with us all week for live reports of what else we are up to in Geneva.

Excitement is Building: SIHH 2012

There is an event each year that watch enthusiasts wait for (patiently, or perhaps not so); when they know the most distinguished and exclusive watch brands will release new models, new technologies, and new horological thrills. This much anticipated event is the SIHH (Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie), held in Geneva.

IWC’s SIHH Booth 2011

It is a true spectacle that in its 22nd year hosts the makers of luxury timepieces, and their customers and ardent fans, with a dual focus of highlighting advancements alongside deeply respecting the heritage and tradition of the craft.

Organized by the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie, SIHH 2012 will showcase 18 exhibitors across 30,000 square meters of space (over 322,000 square feet). The five day show will host upwards of 12,500 guests: these include retailers, journalists, and distinguished invitees. But according to SIHH organizers, it is also “where watchmakers and designers, the representatives of an entire creative team, share their passion for watchmaking one-to-one.” Beyond learning about the incredible new timepieces available in the year to come, SIHH is also a place of learning and instruction, of inspiration and vision.

To digress for a moment on some of those “distinguished invitees” – they include globally known actors such as Jean Reno and Matthew Fox, and international sports stars such as French footballer Zinedine Zidane. The SIHH is simply the “Cannes of watches”.

A glimpse of last year’s red carpet arrivals

As you saw here last week, IWC has announced their theme for 2012, and with it the first watch in this year’s collection, the IWC Top Gun Miramar. It is the year of the High Flyers after all, and SIHH will be the place to kick that into high gear in every possible way!

A look at what is to come….

While we can’t share much more than that until the show starts, we can assure you that we’ll be back with updates, photos, stories, and more… enough to make you wish you were there, but still feel as if you were.

Until then, all of our best from Schaffhausen- see you next week.

Bloggers Have Spoken: The IWC Top Gun Miramar

You may have noticed over the past week that there has been serious anticipation building amongst watch fans and aficionados for SIHH 2012: the international watch show held yearly in Geneva. This anticipation was stoked in part with IWC’s release of the IWC Pilot`s Watch Top Gun Miramar. In fact, we have been delighted to find the blogosphere abuzz.

We at IWC are dubbing 2012 the Year of the High Flyers- and the world seems to agree. In this vein, we wanted to share what some of our favorite bloggers picked up, to get you even more excited about what is to come.

The IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph TOP GUN Miramar

Perpetuelle noted that the Miramar is a direct reference to the storied Southern California home of the U.S. naval air program TOPGUN- the base that makes the most elite men into the most elite pilots, and relayed on our behalf that it will include five new releases this year.

Watch site A Blog To Read picked up on this further, revealing that IWC will be thematically focusing on pilot watches in 2012, including the usage of an “in-house made movement… the caliber 89365 automatic”. This movement, as referenced by watch enthusiasts Hodinkee, is a flyback chronograph with a 168 hour power reserve. Ariel Adams, author of A Blog To Read, also discussed the look of the Miramar at great length- and while he was undecided about the green strap, he did validate a core IWC pillar with Pilot watches, in saying: “Big sport watches are still king when it comes to what men seem to want.”

Noted by Hypebeast to include a ceramic, virtually scratch proof case, there will also be clear military design details that relate to the precision and function required by pilots of their timepieces. Hypebeast said of the Miramar: ”In staying true to its name, the overall aesthetic welcomes unmistakable military inspiration.”  This was echoed by IWC Creative Director Christian Knoop, who remarked on the process of retracing the brand’s historic roots (since the 1940’s) of a pilot’s reliance upon his IWC watch for navigation.

The Top Gun, as well as its companions in the Pilot watch family, encompasses the technical advancements for which IWC is known, and will surely intrigue current and new horological fans (and bloggers) worldwide. In the countdown to SIHH, we hope you will continue to enjoy our soar further up into this world.

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