A Busy Week for IWC Charitable Partner Laureus Sport For Good

Here at IWC Schaffhausen we are proud of our charitable commitments around the world, and especially endeavored towards our efforts in support of the Laureus Sport for Good program, whose global programs help children in need engage in social and athletic activities. This past week was quite newsworthy for the Laureus Foundation and we wanted to share all of the activities with you!

We’ve previously shared the news of a worldwide contest, where children could submit design entries which would be engraved on the back of a limited Portofino Chronograph Laureus edition watch.

Olympian Steve Redgrave presenting Kumara with her prize

This year the competition was won by a eight year old Sri Lankan girl – and just this week she had an unparalleled experience, when Kumara Wadu Parami Apsara was presented her winning prize by Olympian and Laureus World Sports Academy Member Steve Redgrave.

As Redgrave explained after presenting the award: “You could see the delight in her eyes and the pride in what she had achieved. It’s wonderful to think that the drawing she has made will travel around the world on the back of this watch and raise money to help other youngsters like her.”

Meanwhile on the other side of the world (and in IWC Schaffhausen’s home country), Laureus Switzerland held a fundraising auction, raising more than 350,000 EUR. This included a 140,000 CHF (116,000 EUR) IWC watch, an unique timepiece that not only embodies the craftsmanship of IWC but brings to its wearer the embodiment of philanthropy. The auction also included a trip to the Laureus World Sports Awards 2013 – to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

An amazing timepiece auctioned for an equally amazing cause, benefitting Laureus Switzerland

From honoring a young Sri Lankan girl’s artistic pursuits, to providing needed funds for children in Switzerland the Laureus Foundation is truly committed to bettering the lives of young people around the world. And we, at IWC Schaffhausen, are proud to partner with them in this quest. 

Tortour 2012: Race Around Switzerland

We know the IWC man enjoys a challenge. And we could all agree that cycling non-stop for 1000 km across Switzerland would be quite a challenge. Add in the country’s famed mountains and peaks and that ride now includes 13,000 meters of altitude difference! Definitely an event for the (well trained) adrenaline seeker.

Welcome to Tortour, the first ride of its kind in Switzerland. It involves singular riders and teams, both amateur and professional cyclists. The charter for the event includes the goal of creating a sustainable endurance race in the country, as well as promoting ultracycling and Swiss tourism. Potential earnings will be invested in the development of the event and the support of charitable projects.

Tortour 2012 Route

Riders kick off the event in Neuhausen, in the North of the country. The route ends at the IWC Arena in Schaffhausen.

Highlights of the 2011 Tortour

In fact IWC is a proud sponsor of the event, and The Laureus Foundation (one of our key philanthropic partners) is a corporate team participant.

Cyclists in last year’s event

We send best wishes to all race participants – wishing them a safe and speedy finish. Ride on!

Image source: Tortour.ch

IWC and The Climate Group Partner on Carbon Emission Reductions

At IWC Schaffhausen we take pride in the technical innovation we bring to our products, and we like to share those advancements with you. Whether it is a new material, a technique for increased precision, or first to market functionality, we always strive to develop the very best.

The Portuguese Sidérale, IWC’s most complicated mechanical watch ever produced

It is in this vein that we also search for ways to apply advanced technologies in other areas of our business. Starting in 2009 IWC has partnered with The Climate Group, a leading advocacy organization for the reduction of carbon emissions at both the corporate and governmental level. Our association came about because The Climate Group looks to identify leaders in the field of emission reduction, and it had been two years prior (in 2007) that the IWC Schaffhausen facility became carbon neutral.

IWC’s expanded production facilities

Since 2007 all of the company’s electricity has been covered by hydroelectric power, and CO2 emissions were reduced by over 90% between 2003 and 2009 (to 13 tons). No small feat for a site that grew by 8000 square meters during this time.

Founded in 2004, the Climate Group works with companies and governments that are low carbon leaders, and shows them new platforms for reduction and efficiencies of their output. The organization believes that by partnering with leaders in this area is the way forward. “The world is at a tipping point, emissions must decrease by two-thirds by 2050 whilst protecting and encouraging economic growth.”

The Climate Group’s “The Clean Revolution” program

Up next for The Climate Group is their program The Clean Revolution, a movement intended as “a swift and massive scaling-up of clean energy technologies and infrastructure” and “a change in design and behaviour to improve efficiency and use of our natural resources”. The Clean Revolution will launch in June at the Rio+20 Earth Summit.

Just as we always search for new ways to advance our handcrafted timepieces, we continue to look for tools to reduce our footprint on the environment and we support The Climate Group in advocating that others do the same.